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When Complete Your Investment In Yourself,  You Will Also Get 24 Training Videos and Worksheets For FREE and You Will Get Access To 29 Days Of Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp Immersion !

The #1 request I get from people who sign up to our career advancement events is that they want more Conversation Confidence.

They want Conversation Confidence to help with interviews, to get hired, or promoted.

They want Conversation Confidence to reduce stress, improve their social skills and reach their potential.

They always ask if I have additional training materials ... 

Up until now, the answer was always RARELY... The last time we did this program was five months ago ... but recently we have recently spent an entire week nearly 24 hours a day updating and re-designing our ALREADY SUCCESSFUL 29 Day Challenge for you!

Right now the ONLY place you can get this amount of training is right here, right now.

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Hi! I’m Jared Levenson and I’m an emotional intelligence coach.

Over the past year alone I’ve coached individually dozens of people to help them rapidly boost their emotional intelligence scores by an average of 18% in 29 days, and I helped them turn from anxious and awkward socially to confident and charismatic.

In this big picture overview, I’d like to show you how they did it. The practical information that follows will definitely interest you if:

  • You've heard of emotional intelligence but aren't quite sure how it works.
  • You frequently feel nervous or tense in social settings or during conversations.
  • While chatting with someone you’re often at a loss for words and you don’t know what to say next.
  • You feel you’re not interesting enough and you have a hard time making an impression on others.
  • You rarely go to parties or social events and even when you do, you frequently just stand alone in a corner.
  • Or you struggle with interviewing anxiety and fear your boss on some level.

If you experience any of these symptoms, I want to let you know that I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels. The good news is that…

You Can Fix All These Issues, and It Only Requires One Key Change:

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Score

Emotional Intelligence is that feeling of calm and self-assurance regarding starting a conversation, making conversation and expressing yourself in it.

With more Emotional Intelligence, all the issues above will be solved. You’ll feel at ease in social settings, you’ll be able to make effortless conversation with anyone, you’ll naturally be funny and witty, and you’ll make the positive impression you want.

You’ll turn around your social life, dating life or career, and live to the fullest.

The truth is there are lots of articles, books and courses on building conversation confidence out there, and they all promises miraculous results, but less than 5% of them have been rigorously tested and actually work. The rest is just simplistic, naive and repetitive advice.

Emotional Intelligence is different. 75% of Fortune 500 Companies train their CEO's in Emotional Intelligence because the framework is empirical and tested. 

You have even probably heard of Emotional Intelligence before!

Well, I’m about to share with you the best steps of the only method for building conversation confidence that has been proven to work consistently.

So, you’ll obviously want to keep reading attentively.

First and foremost, this is the method that I’ve personally used successfully to become confident socially. In high-school and college…

I Was the Shy, Invisible Guy People Barely Noticed

I felt anxious during most conversations, I was very reserved and I often struggled with making even basic conversation.

I remember that sometimes while walking down the street, if I would notice a person I knew on the same side, I would urgently cross to the other side of the street so I wouldn’t run into them, because just the thought of having to talk with them made me feel nervous.

Now, Everything Is Different

I meet lots of new people every single week and I find it easy and fun to make conversation with them.

I can always count on the fact that I can be myself and others will like me just the way I am. And my only issue is that I know too many cool people to be able to hang out with each one of them as much as I would like to.

I also hold emotional intelligence groups on a regular basis, and I positively love every second of it. All thanks to this method for building conversation confidence.

And to top it all off, this method draws from the principles and techniques in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Coaching, which are validated by over 2000 scientific studies and I’ve optimized to work particularly well for building conversation confidence.

Plain and simply…

I Want To Teach You the Most Rigorously Tested and Carefully Tweaked Method for Building Conversation Confidence in Existence

The essential thing you need to understand is that confidence is created by your beliefs system. And so is insecurity.

According to Albert Ellis, who is deemed as the second most influential psychotherapist in history, “external events do not make us disturbed. Rather, we disturb ourselves by telling ourselves, and for the most part creatively inventing, irrational beliefs.”

I’ve studied and interviewed numerous individuals with natural conversation confidence, and I can tell you one thing about them: most of them are just average individuals, with above average conversation confidence.

They’re not smarter than you or me, wealthier, more successful or better looking. And the charisma or conversation skills they may have are largely the product of their confidence, not its cause.

Why are they confident? Simply because they have a set of deep-seated beliefs that automatically empower them in social settings instead of disempowering them.

You lack conversation confidence because you hold false beliefs that are feeding your lack of confidence and making you miss out on life. 

The Only Thing That’s Stopping You From Having The Conversation Confidence You Want Right Now Is Your Limiting Beliefs

And the secret to rock-solid conversation confidence and great relationships is overcoming these limiting beliefs.

This is precisely what my method for the 29 Day Challenge is all about. It eliminates your dis-empowering beliefs and replaces them with empowering ones.

This method consists of two interconnected change steps, which I’m gonna share with you here, so you can take the right path for improving your confidence and relationships.

These correlate precisely with the proven framework of Emotional Intelligence.

It’s the precise solution that both myself and many dozens of people I’ve worked with as a social confidence coach over the past years have used successfully.

Here are the two action steps that are guaranteed to make you confident and smooth in any social situation.

One Step of the Method Is Counteracting Your Erroneous Thinking

Your limiting beliefs related to conversation set off erroneous thinking, which in turn triggers anxiety. This chain is the core of your lack of conversation confidence.

Individuals who lack conversation confidence have a very distorted way of thinking about conversation. Their mind reflexively exaggerates the risks of making mistakes in social situations, embarrassing themselves, getting rejected, and the dangers of doing so.

It’s important to counteract this distorted thinking head-on, and it’s even more important to do so proficiently.

We tackle this problem in the first two weeks of our Emotional Intelligence training.

The Other Step Is Eliminating Your Self-Defeating Behaviors

Like most people who lack conversation confidence and great relationships, without even realizing it, you’re probably working against yourself. You employ behaviors that reinforce your lack of conversation confidence, plus mess up a big part of your social interactions and social life.

For instance, you may behave during conversation in ways that center too much on being polite and likeable. This only amplifies your anxiety, since it strengthens the bogus belief that you’re not good enough. Yes, it is bogus. And it’s key to eradicate these self-defeating behaviors.

  • Through the 29 Day Challenge quiz, I’m gonna help you identify your specific self-defeating behaviors with respect to conversation and understand exactly why they sabotage you.
  • Ironically, many of these behaviors are things most persons will actually encourage you to do, and you may now presume to be helpful.
  • Then, you'll learn how to effectively get rid of each one of them, without any redundant effort, and replace them with empowering behaviors.
  • These new behaviors will reliably boost your conversation confidence and they’ll quickly become second nature.
  • Moreover, as soon as you start using them, you’ll begin to meet more people, make conversation a lot easier, fascinate others and have a lot more fun.

The 29 Day Challenge  Is Ideal For You If You Want to Enhance Your Confidence with People…

…either in general or with particular kinds of people (for example: new people or members of the opposite sex).

But it will do a lot more than that for you. This community immersion experience will help you:

  • Start conversations and keep them going for as long as you want.
  • Be more talkative and make an impression on others to boot.
  • Eliminate those awkward moments from any conversation.
  • Fully enjoy social interactions and be in the moment during them.
  • Make friends easily and enrich your social life.
  • Project yourself in a seductive way and improve your dating life.
  • Get noticed and get ahead in your career.
  • Be happy with yourself and live wholeheartedly.

So far, I have shared with you essential knowledge related to conversation confidence.

Now I invite you to learn about your emotional intelligence and enter so that you can become the Confident person you want to be.


Here Are The 24 Videos That You'll Be Getting Immediately After You Register For FREE:

Find Purpose, Defeat Anxiety, Learn Social Skills and Master Relationships
The age-old question in Silicon Valley is:
“Everybody is brilliant, so how do I stand out?”

The KEY to standing out is Emotional Intelligence.
Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:

  • Videos 1-6: How To Avoid Being Lifeless
  • Videos 7-12: How To Go From Anxious To Confident 
  • Videos 13-18: How You Can Make Great 1st Impressions At Networking Events
  • Videos 19-24: How You Can Confront Your Boss At Work And Gain His/Her Respect

Here Is The 29 Day Course You'll Participate In:

Five 120 Minute Workshops Lead By Paul Hoyt &
Jared Levenson

Paul is one of the most highly reviewed Business Coaches on LinkedIn.  

In these workshops you'll connect with other highly successful professionals and other people who are COMMITTED to enhancing ALL their relationships.

Some Cool Stuff You'll Learn:
1. Self-Awareness: How To Find Your Life Purpose and Identify Your Most Primal Behavior Patterns
2. Self-Mastery: Learn How To Defeat Anxiety and Depression Once and For All! Enhance Your Confidence By A Factor Of 10!
3. Social Awareness: Overcome Social Pitfalls That Keep You In A Cycle of Rejection or Fear. Also, Learn Advanced Empathy Skills Usually Only Exclusively Taught To The Most Successful CEO's 
4. Relationship Mastery: Get Scripts And Learn To Master Conflict Situations, Negotiations, Interviews, Relationships, Team Meetings and Much More!

Workshop Schedule

Five in-person TRAINING workshops will be held on these dates:

  • Saturday, August 4th at 8:30am
  • Saturday, August 11th at 8:30am
  • Saturday, August 18th at 8:30am
  • Saturday, August 25th at 8:30am
  • Saturday, September 8th at 8:30am

Workshops will include:

1. Live Yoga Or Physical Training: Awaken and Center Your Body Before Our Session
2. Emotional Intelligence Exercises: Get Confidence, Communication Stress Relief, Relationship and Much More Advanced In-Depth Training
3. Emotional Intelligence Theory: Easily Understood Emotional Intelligence So You Grasp Foundational Principles 
4. Emotional Intelligence Support Group: Discuss Challenges In Vulnerable, Private, Exclusive Setting And Make Massive Progress

Daily Growth Partner Calls

This is what sets our program apart.

In these calls you'll connect with another participant daily who is going through the same challenges you are. Together you'll be able to apply the lessons in the worksheets and videos (see below).

Listen To Previous Participant (Who Got A Job and Improved Relationships With Her Family)!

Worksheets, Videos and Resource Guides

Get the latest update-to-date information on Emotional Intelligence science, techniques and get fill-in-the-blank worksheets to apply the lessons to your life!

Listen To Previous Participant (Who Got A Job At Apple and Reduced Relationship Conflict)!

Yes, you're going to get 24 of these ADDITIONAL Videos FOR FREE when you invest in your career, life and relationships by securing your 29 Day Challenge Immersion Bootcamp Spot!

That’s an extra 24 training videos, and hours of EXTRA training, specifically designed to help you get your career off the ground and making a consistent and reliable great impressions during interviews and business relationships.  N 

But that's just the icing on the cake. The real opportunity is to TRAIN with other like-minded successful professionals who are COMMITTED to increasing their EQ skills.

Why are we giving such a good deal?

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If you are serious about career advancement, improving relationships, confidence acing interviews, then there is absolutely no way you can do without this incredible stuff I am practically giving away!

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Why would we do this you're probably wondering?

Well there are actually a few reasons... 

First - it's my way of saying THANK YOU for signing up to our event and showing interest in our brand, Pro Star Performance.  

Second - It gives me the ability to dramatically improve your confidence and for you then to tell other people about your experience, plus as you grow your career (which many people do after taking this training) and hopefully we'll keep you around longterm as a customer and community member. 

I'm a big believer in over delivering in every interaction we have together...

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Let ME Show You ALL The Training You'll Get Access To When You Invest In Emotional Intelligence For Leaders - The Pro Star Performance 29 Day Challenge Today!

1. Growth Partner Calls ($500 Value)

2. Weekend Workshops ($1000)

3. EQ Training Videos ($120 Value)

4. EQ Training Worksheets ($120 Value)

5. EQ RolePlay Conversations ($120 Value)

6. Professionally EQ Survey ($50)

7. Gamification ($350 Value)

8. Private Group Channel ($200)

9. Secret Closing Gift ($30 Value)

10. Lifetime Discounts ($360 Value)



HUGE 90% Discount!

Just 1 Investments Of $295 Today!

(Or 3 Investments of $100 for 3 months)

Starts August 4th!


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(Refer A Friend And Get 20% Referral Payment OR 

Refer A Friend And Reduce THEIR Investment By 20%)

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