Jul 13

What Is Free Will and How To Live Free Video

By ProStar

– Everyone wants to be free but only a few people ask, “What is free will?”
– Sadly, this question often sparks a pointless debate about terms, what is the free will definition?
– So Paul and I made a video about TECHNIQUES you can actually use to be free
– Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/iInIyS-D8LA

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Jul 09

Conflict Resolution Strategies and Skills Podcast

By ProStar

Are you the type of person who gets consistently offended by your coworkers and boss?
You may be the victim of an unfortunate situation – but you may not.
Listen to “Conflict Resolution Strategies” podcast here: http://hackeq.libsyn.com/conflict-resolution-strategies
Or the read the blog for full transcript!

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Jul 02

Cheerful Giving Quotes and Meaning

By ProStar

To kick off this week, we have a Cheerful Giving exercise from Paul Hoyt. Stay tuned for podcasts, videos and newsletter resource guides … 

Cheerfully Giving Away

Today, I Cheerfully Give Away everything that is FALSE, for they no longer serve me:

– My Fears, Desires, and Stress
– My Attachments, Addictions, and Distractions
– My Limiting Beliefs
– My Self-Identity
– This Human Experience

I Cheerfully Give Away my Fear in all of its forms: doubt, discouragement, shame, guilt, embarrassment, worry, weakness, regret, resentment, anger, hesitation, resistance, missing out, making mistakes, pain, weakness, etc.

For the rest of the exercise, go to https://prostarperformance.com/cheerful-giving

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Jul 01

Meditation News Letter Guide

By ProStar

Hey! In case you missed what we were up to last week you can catch up in this meditation news letter, where you’ll find:
– latest meditation news from our community including a video
– A video and podcast regarding the Four Types of Meditation

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