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Jul 13

What Is Free Will and How To Live Free Video

By ProStar

– Everyone wants to be free but only a few people ask, “What is free will?”
– Sadly, this question often sparks a pointless debate about terms, what is the free will definition?
– So Paul and I made a video about TECHNIQUES you can actually use to be free
– Watch the video here:

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Apr 24

Conscious Capitalism Definition and Corporate Social Responsibility (Video Interview)

By ProStar

When you think of profits, you might think profits are bad.

“Corporations are greedy” you might think.

I can see you point if you feel that way.

I used to feel deeply that way too.

Yet then I realized that the most profitable companies in the long run were doing something different.

They were being emotionally intelligent.

They were developing their employees. They were caring about the environment. They were truly being a positive force in the world.

They were practicing conscious capitalism.

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