Cheerful Giving Quotes and Meaning

By ProStar

Jul 02

To kick off this week, we have a Cheerful Giving exercise from Paul Hoyt. Stay tuned for podcasts, videos and newsletter resource guides …

Cheerful Giving Away


Today, I Cheerfully Give Away everything that is FALSE, for they no longer serve me:

  • My Fears, Desires, and Stress
  • My Attachments, Addictions, and Distractions
  • My Limiting Beliefs
  • My Self-Identity
  • This Human Experience

I Cheerfully Give Away my Fear in all of its forms: doubt, discouragement, shame, guilt, embarrassment, worry, weakness, regret, resentment, anger, hesitation, resistance, missing out, making mistakes, pain, weakness, etc. I Cheerfully Give Away my Desires, for there is nothing that I need; there is nothing that stands between me and Spirit. I Cheerfully Give Away all of my Stress and I experience Perfect Peace.

I Cheerfully Give Away my Attachments to whatever I am doing and experiencing, to the importance of the moment, and my thoughts and feelings. I Cheerfully Give Away my Addictions, especially my addictions to my ego, safety, power, approval, adrenaline, and my own cleverness. I am ready for what’s next and I am eager to change. I Cheerfully Give Away my Distractions and turn my attention to Spirit.

I Cheerfully Give Away my Limiting Beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and perspectives, for in my highest vibration, I am The All-Powerful Dreamer / Creator. I am a Powerful Magician, Healer, and Seer. There is nothing I cannot do and be.

I Cheerfully Give Away my Sense of Self-Identity, for I am a Drop of Consciousness in the Sea of God’s Mind, waking up to my True Self. I am not this body, this name, this lifetime, this soul. I am Pure Awareness. I am Spirit.

I Cheerfully Give Away this Human Experience and Embrace a new reality. It will be gone soon enough, anyway.

I am Independent. I am Free. I Am Spirit.

For more another insight exercise, please read here.

What are you holding onto that could be Cheerfully Given Away?

Suggested Exercise: Try giving away your fears today. Cheerfully. 😊


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