Free Online Personal Coaching – Mondays at 6:30!

By ProStar

Jul 21

Free Online Personal Coaching – Mondays at 6:30!

Because …

The real meaning of business is …

Long-term relationship.

Let me explain:

There are two types of businesses – short-term and long-term focused.

Short-term businesses are all about making a quick sale. You meet them once, maybe purchase something, and rarely see them again.

These businesses don’t care about you.

On the other hand we have long-term focused businesses.

Long-term businesses focus on providing value, answering questions, and earning your business through friendship and trust.

Can you guess what type of business Pro Star Performance is?
I’ll give you a few clues …

1. We answer community members’ questions and concerns via weekly blogs and podcasts
2. We send out weekly newsletters with our content, latest updates and general perspectives
3. We hold monthly community meetings, workshops and support groups for you!

Pro Star Performance Is Long-Term!

You guessed it.

We’re all about long-term relationships.

So why do I bring up the meaning of long-term relationships in a business context?

Because we want you to stick around long-term, and the only way we can do that is through genuine friendship.

Now we know that you some of you reading our close and dear friends our ours, while others are just getting to know us.

Whatever the case is, we want to make ourselves available to you.

We want to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Give you skill training
  • Just hangout and talk

Group Personal Coaching Times

So we are now offering Personal Group Coaching Mondays at 6:30pm.

The cost is free. We record during the process and make podcasts and blogs out of the content.

It’s a like a radio show, where people call in to get their questions answered.

So join us!

Paul and I are pretty fun. We have a blast just talking and hanging out and want to invite you to the Emotional Intelligence partay.

Come prepared, come with questions, or just come as you.

By joining our livestream you’ll feel better, become more inspired and remember what’s most important in your life …

You can click this link Monday at 6:30pm so answer questions and come hangout with us. Or just copy and paste this information here:

It’ll be every Monday at 6:30pm. We asked, you guys voted!

Our previous free online personal coaching episode here.

Something Cool Around The Corner …
Stay tuned (updated … check out our high end product offering)

In the next few days I’m going to be sending you some videos, some messages, and some great content because our next 29 Day challenge is starting soon!

Jared and Paul

PS This week we made two podcast episodes. The first was about Free Will and the second was about Conflict Resolution Strategies. If you want us to cover a specific topic, go to our contact page ( and submit an episode idea. Thanks!

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