Meditation News Letter Guide

By ProStar

Jul 01

In this meditation news letter guide, you’ll find:

  • latest meditation news from our community including a video
  • A video and podcast regarding the Four Types of Meditation

And … here’s that meditation news video that we have from behind-the-scenes footage from our workshop:

The Four Types of Meditation

Most companies only teach one meditation technique because that’s all they know. But we believe that by learning multiple techniques, you can pick the one that is just right for you in the moment.

Watch and listen to this video of our conversation between Jared and Paul regarding the Four Types of Meditation and find a style that’s best for you!

What meditation style is your favorite and why? Reply back to this email and let us know!

You can also use this link to listen to our podcast on iTunes.

Quick Question We’d Like You To Meditate On

Leave a comment to answer a quick question and give us any feedback to help us improve.

We’re always open to feedback and encourage you to speak up so that we can hear you. Please let us know:

  • What content you’d like to receive
  • What types of events we should hold
  • How to improve our communication with you

    Jared and Paul

PS. Tune into our weekly Zoomcast Friday’s at noon and ask your questions related to Emotional Intelligence. Just use this link Friday at noon and join the live stream! Feel free to submit any questions you have beforehand by replying to this email. Or, you can check out our previous newsletters here.

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