Surrender Meaning How To Total Surrender

By ProStar

Jul 03
surrender meaning

Surrender Meaning

The real surrender meaning, of total surrender, is profound. In this podcast we discuss the difference between relaxation and surrender as well as the various types of surrender.

As Paul says, the meaning of surrender is “cheerfully giving something away.” Listen for more info!

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How To Total Surrender

In this podcast Paul goes over the difference between relaxation and surrender.

Relaxation involves bodily relaxation.

For example, you relax your shoulders.

Surrender, on the other hand, is something else entirely.

Here’s a guided spiritual surrender contemplation about FALSE –

Fears, Attachment, Limiting Belief, Self-Identity, and Human Experience:

If you’re curious about our other episode on guided meditation, you can check out this article here.

Surrender To God

What is surrender to God?

I brought this up to Paul in our conversation because I had associations to Christianity.

So I asked Paul, “Do you mean surrender in the religious sense?”

Paul replies, “Well, sorta!”

And I go on …

And I speak about my thoughts on the difference between surrender and relaxation.

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